Virtual Meeting Services and
Hybrid Meeting Productions

Our Virtual Meeting Service Packages are easy to launch, reliable and flexible.

How we add value to your Virtual or Hybrid Event

We provide a dedicated expert who will help you from the event planning stage to production. We’ll work behind the scenes with you to help ensure that your event takes place without complication.

We arrive with Professional Microphones and Broadcast Cameras to film and stream live audio and video. We 'live edit' to add your logo, titles, slides and graphics. The enhanced video matches your branding and gets sent to the participants in your Webinar. Our system is compatible with Zoom Meetings, Webex, Teams, Meet or any of the popular Webinar services.
After the event you receive a live edited copy of the video. This can be uploaded to your website or YouTube channel and will not require any additional post-editing. We are here to support you at every step of the project.
Yes AV is Vancouver’s experienced event streaming and webinar service. We are a highly rated company and have been Livestreaming since 2007!

Contact us for a live demonstration and more information.
We can quickly put together an accurate quote for you.

(Call for Pricing)
Ideal for a lecture or panel discussion, we bring our equipment to your office location or rented meeting space and send high quality audio and video to your Zoom account. This package is well suited for a small group of presenters without an in-person audience present. Package includes: 4k camera, graphics laptop, comfort monitor (for presenters to see Zoom or slides), small monitors speakers, audio mixer, 4 microphones for panelists and is operated by one technician.The following equipment can be added to this package for an additional fee: podium, pipe & drape backdrop, and LED lighting. Does not include Zoom account setup or registration management.

Designed for a Hybrid Conference held in a meeting room with 50 in-person delegates and 100 (or more) virtual attendees. In-person and virtual presenters would be seen and heard both in the room and on the webinar. Uses Zoom Webinar service and a Professional HD Camera.   
 All-inclusive Package (Call for Pricing)

Package includes set up of a complete conference AV production sized for a 50-person audience and your Metro Vancouver meeting space. Rental equipment includes a PA system and screen for the in-room audience to see and hear the Zoom presenters and slides. Virtual attendees will see slides, video and audio from in-room presenters. Single day package includes: 4k camera, slide capturing, encoding equipment, video switcher, 2 speaker PA system, 16 channel digital mixer, 4 table microphones, Q&A microphone, presenter monitor (DSM), 2 large screens with projectors, PowerPoint remote. Equipment is operated by two technicians. Requires wired internet with a minimum of 15 Gbps upload speed. Additional Staging equipment can be added to this package for a fee: (podium, pipe & drape backdrop, and LED lighting). Can be customized for a larger or smaller group, contact us for a custom quotation. Pricing subject to change without notice

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Yes Audio Visual Vancouver can provide Live Event Streaming for all your Virtual Meeting needs. We bring the presenters “virtually” into our studio and rebroadcast them into your meeting over a live streaming platform with a custom designed template for company branding and titling. Contact us for a live demonstration and more information. We can provide samples of our work.

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Broadcast live with your logo, titles and company branding   Yes Audio Visual Vancouver can provide Live Event Streaming for all your Online AGM needs. All our packages include an HD video feed and captured slides with an easy to use platform for remote viewing by attendees. We bring all the equipment necessary to your location or a rented meeting space. Presenters and staff could be virtual or in-person.

Looking for something slightly different than our standard options? Tell us what you need and we can customize our services.

Zoom Meeting Production
Hybrid AGM Setup with presenters and staff in the room and stakeholders online (2020 Photo)
Virtual Meeting

On-site packages include

  • Custom Registration
  • Custom Layout to match your branding
  • Full HD video production equipment
  • Picture in picture streaming with slide integration
  • Microphones, and mixer
  • 2 Presentation laptops – 1 main and 1 backup *
  • Internet based presentation remote
  • Encoding laptop
  • Audio-Visual technician
  • HD video recording – sent via Google Drive
  • Company branding watermark 
  • Secure or public platform

        *  2 Laptops may not be included in all packages

If you prefer not to rent a venue, we can arrange setup at your location. In this photo, we transformed our client’s office into a broadcast studio using our pipe and drape backdrop and lighting.

live streaming

Optional features & services


  • Polling and online voting
  • Dedicated Q&A administration laptop for question moderation and management.
  • Live-edited titles
  • Dedicated live support technician


  • Remote Presenters via Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams
  • Video Overflow Rooms
Hybrid Meeting
Hybrid Meeting

Optional rental items

  •  PA System
  • Pipe and drape backdrop
  • Lectern
  • Led up-lighting
  • Stage wash video lighting
  • Stages / Camera risers
  • Multi Camera Productions
  • Cellular Bonding Modem
  •  Robotic Cameras – PTZ